The magnificent island of Kefalonia

Greece’s western coast, embraced by the majestic Ionian Sea of turquoise waters, is home to seven islands of unparalleled beauty. Kefalonia, the largest of these islands, is centrally located in the Ionian making it a true crossroad of the Mediterranean with easy access by air and sea.

Southeastern Kefalonia is the island’s most accessible region as it is located across from Patra, which is Greece’s western sea gate, and Killini with its frequent sea line connections.

You may reach Kefalonia by air through one of the daily domestic flights from Athens year round, or by one of the numerous daily direct international flights from several European cities during the summer. Access by sea is almost limitless in choice.

Two daily connections by ferry from Patra to Sami and up to eight daily ferry connections from Killini to Poros will enable you to reach the island comfortably.

There is daily coach service from Athens Bus Terminal with timetables that correspond to the ferry connections.

During the summer months there are several ferry connections from Italy to Sami.

Local ferry service between Kefalonia’s eastern harbors and other islands or harbors in the mainland makes this region even more accessible