Welcome to the Spa of the Apostolata Resort.

Welcome to the Spa of the Apostolata Resort.

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A unique experience at Apostolata Island Resort & Spa would not be complete without a relaxing visit at Apostolata Spa. Escape from the pressures of everyday life, to our tranquil surroundings which offer guests a sense of profound wellbeing in body and spirit …
Apostolata Island Resort & Spa is pleased to work exclusively with the Australian brand LI’TYA. LI’TYA has a high performance range of natural and organic skin and body care products that honors more than 40,000 years of living tradition and teachings from the Aboriginal people of Australia.
Be inspired by our treatment menu with selections that are either:
OF THE EARTH Made with the purest native plants, flowers and fruits, each treatment has been developed with the profound wisdom of ancient Aboriginal medicines, spirituality and healing modalities.
OF THE SEA Based on the superbly hydrating, fortifying and nutrient rich qualities of Marine Plant Collagen, Organic Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Australian Mother Of Pearl and 100% Pure Essential Oils. This uniquely sensory and gently active spa range captures the essence and energy of the pristine waters that surround Australia.

Discover the facilities and the beauty packages of Apostolata Spa, here
Special packages and Spa Parties are available. Please contact the Spa Manager for all details

Browse through our list of spa treatments and create your own ‘Spa Time Package’ to suit your individual needs. Alternatively choose from one of our ‘Spa Journeys’, which have been put together to offer the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life… We are here to assist you.

Means “beautiful” This all-encompassing treatment combines three of the most popular LI’TYA treatments in wonderful unison to create a deluxe pampering experience. Lowanna includes a foot treatment, a hand treatment and the LI’TYA Mirri facial the perfect combination for a mother to be or for those in need of some serious pampering. Caring for all the zone therapy areas including the hands, feet and hands, feet and head – this journey recharges the body and enhances overall equilibrium.
75 min. €70

The unseen vibration of creation – the sacred source from where all things are Nurture, renew and revitalize with our signature ‘Of The Sea’ spa journey. The adventure includes body scrub, Sapphire Sea Wrap, 40’ Susu Dew Body massage, Paudi scalp massage, and LI’TYA Ocean Renew Facial treatment, all embracing traditional Aboriginal healing techniques. Surrender yourself to the ultimate anti-ageing, renewal and potency of this experience, combining deeply therapeutic treatments, nurturing your energy and emotions – the soul is left refreshed and smiling with delight.
In the beginning was the Dreaming Relax, revitalize and rejoice with our signature treatment to reconnect body, mind and soul from head to toe and from outside in. The ritual includes a foot treatment, body wrap, body massage, head massage, facial and hand treatment. Embracing traditional Aboriginal healing techniques these deeply therapeutic treatments work to nurture and heal. The skin of the face and body is cleansed invigorated, restored and nourished, tired muscles are eased and energized and all the body systems are rebalanced and rejuvenated. Renewing your energy and emotions, the soul is left refreshed and smiling with delight.

  • 2 hours. €120
  • 3 hours. €180

Means “face” Suitable for all skin types this facial integrates Australian native ingredients as an ideal treat for dull or lifeless skin or to prepare the skin for a special occasion. An Aboriginal inspired pressure point facial massage helps to relieve stress and tension and the LI’TYA PAUDI scalp and shoulder massage clears the mind. Perfect for skin which requires a boost.
  • 45 min. €45

Means “deep” This tailor-made facial treatment is prescribed as an intensive boost for all skin types and is customized to target specific skin conditions such as dehydration, congestion, dryness and sensitivity. Two specialized masks are applied during the treatment to both purify and provide the skin with drenching hydration. This indulgent treatment is further enhanced with you choice of hand or foot massage. Your skin will emerge feeling purified, balanced and beaming with clarity. And so will you.
60 min. €60


Means “my face” You will see dynamic results with this intensive treatment that combines the use of skin specific cleansers, cellular activating exfoliators, herbal masks, treatment elixirs and moisture therapies. The treatment uses targeted pressure point therapy and specialized massage techniques adapted from ancient Aboriginal healing to rebalance the client’s energy from within to ensure the optimum skin care results from the treatment.

  • 75 min. €80


Designed for skin revitalization, integrating the use of marine nutrient rich ingredients including Marine Algae, Bull Kelp and crushed Mother of Pearl, your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated before being treated to LI’TYA’s deeply relaxing Aboriginal inspired facial pressure point and shoulder massage. To complete, your therapist will apply your prescribed treatment mask to treat individual skin conditions whilst you relax with a LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage. Your skin will be left nurtured and renewed.

  • 45 min. €50


Drawing on powerful nutrient rich marine elements to heal and strengthen the skin. Marine Collagen, Kelp and Marine Algae work to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Mother of Pearl extract acts as an anti-ageing element whilst a specially prescribed deep cleansing mask is applied to refine and clarify the skin whilst you relax with your choice of hand or foot massage. An Aboriginal inspired pressure point massage for face and shoulders will leave you completely relaxed before a second mask is applied to hydrate and soothe the skin, whilst you receive the uplifting
LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage to complete this ritual of serenity.

  • 60 min. €65


Ideal treatment for the eye area based on active ingredients like Boronia Absolute Eye Serum, an elixir which oxygenates and hydrates the eye area, rich in vitamin E, known for its regenerative and antioxidant properties. The treatment strengthened with 100% organic product, Rosehip Oil, with decongestant properties and abrasive action, ideal for wrinkles, swelling and dark circles applied with specialized massage techniques.

  • 30 min. €30

Means “Great Man” LI’TYA Marri Marli is a soothing and uplifting experience that incorporates the back and face. A steam exfoliation with a massage softens and soothes the tired muscles of the back. The face is treated to invigorate the skin and target any problem areas. This facial integrates Australian Native blends of essential oils and pure botanicals that work to nourish, soothe, strengthen and heal the face from the harsh effects of shaving and everyday life.

  • 70 min. €65


Means “song of running water” in combination with 15’ Hammam or Jacuzzi An energizing full body exfoliation therapy cleanses the spirit, revitalizes the energy meridians and brings tone and clarity to the skin. Your choice of native aromatic oils are applied to the body, followed by Desert Salts to exfoliate and purify. Warm water washes away the stresses of the outside world before an application of Cherry Alder body lotion to leave skin silky smooth.

  • 40 min. €50

LI’TYA SEA SALT BODY BUFF in combination with 15’ Hammam or Jacuzzi

A refreshing full body exfoliation therapy that integrates the native aromatic oils of Frangipani, Ylang Ylang and Australian Sea Salts to cleanse and purify, leaving skin smooth and soft. Warm water washes away the stresses of the outside world, stimulating the circulation, soothing tired muscles and leaving the spirit revived.

  • 40 min. €45

LI’TYA HEAD TO TOE EXFOLIATION in combination with 15’ Hammam or Jacuzzi

A refreshing and cleansing skin smoothing exfoliation therapy for face and body utilizing native aromatic oils of Frangipani, Ylang Ylang and pure Australian Sea Salts, purify the skin before allowing the warm water to wash away tension and awaken vitality. A hydrating facial treatment leaves the skin soothed, refreshed and hydrated whilst a deeply relaxing LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage and hair treatment with nourishing Quandong Hair Mask removes every ounce of tension. A complete ritual of tranquility for body, face and scalp.

  • 70 min. €70


Means “clan food” Unwind, invigorate and celebrate with this complete body rejuvenation experience. After an invigorating exfoliation with your choice of Australian Desert Salts and Aromatic Oils, your body will be cocooned in a layer of your chosen silky warm mineral rich Mapi Body Mud. An Aboriginal inspired LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage allows you to drift away to another realm. You will then surrender to the healing, grounding and spiritually uplifting, rhythmic Kodo full body massage to complete this truly holistic experience.

  • 90 min, Miji Kodo massage 40’ included €100
  • 2 hours, Kodo massage 55’ included included €120

Select from the following body treatments and allow to reveal a smoother, supple and firmer body thereby improving your shape, the texture of your skin and also achieving inner peace.

Unwind, relax and nourish your body with this complete anti-ageing rejuvenation experience. To begin, you will be energized and nourished with a complete Mother of Pearl body exfoliation, before being cocooned in warm and vitamin packed Pearl & Kelp Body Mud, whilst you enjoy an Aboriginal inspired LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage. You will then surrender your body and soul to a rhythmic Susu Dew massage to complete this truly holistic experience

  • 90 min, Miji Susu Dew massage 40’ included €100
  • 2 hours, Susu Dew massage 55’ included €120

Means “melody” This rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques which work to balance and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body wellness. A combination of pressure points and spiralling movements ground and uplift, working to relieve muscular aches and pains while leaving the body’s energies renewed and refreshed. A choice of native aromatic oils is prescribed to address your individual needs – to rejuvenate, harmonize or detoxify.

  • MIJI KODO Little Melody 40 min €50
  • KODO Melody 55 min €65
  • MARTA KODO Big Melody 85 min €90

Means “sea spray” This rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques. A combination of pressure points and spiraling movements ground and uplift. This massage utilizes the wonderfully refreshing Ocean Dreaming Massage Blend combining Frangipani, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Clary Sage to evoke memories of the sea and ground the spirit.

  • MIJI SUSU DEW – “Little Sea Spray” 40 min €50
  • Sea Spray 55 min €65
  • MARTA SUSU DEW – “Big Sea Spray” 85 min €90

Back & Shoulder

Focusing on the back, neck & shoulders to help relax and release stress and tension from your muscles. Our therapists will intuitively release tension from your body using a fusion of different techniques, individualized to leave you feeling relaxed, supple and soothed.

  • 30 min €40

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage aims to deeply relax all muscle tension with acupressure and kneading techniques which will feel like you had a hard workout. Treatment of soft tissue through specialized massage is used as an injury prevention tool, keeping you in top condition for your chosen sport and to alleviate aches and pains caused by muscle overuse. The power of essential oils will relieve muscle tension and stiffness, leaving you with a re-conditioned skin tone and feeling completely recharged and free from aches and fatigue.

  • 60 min €70

Paudi Scalp & Back Massage
A rhythmic back massage with a choice of native aromatic oils, inspired by Aboriginal techniques that balances and re-aligns energy flow to ease those muscular aches and pains. Followed by our Paudi Scalp and shoulder massage with Quandong Hair Mask to awake the energy points, get rid of stress, and to create a deep sense of relaxation while nourishing and give a nice shine to the hair.

  • 40 min €50

Hot Stone Therapy

A special fill body massage with hot and cold volcanic stones that will lead you to a state of balance, serenity and well being.

  • 60 min €80
  • 90 min €100

Using ancient traditional Chinese medical techniques, reflexology works on the principle that all our organs are represented in the feet. By working on these points with acupressure, the therapist can help to rebalance the system and obtain harmony to body and mind. It includes a lower leg massage.

  • 30 min €40

Apostolata touch Massage
Our signature massage is based on ancient disciplines used to improve health and wellbeing by treating the mind, body and spirit. It maintains our general health and fitness, complements traditional medicine in the treatment of specific conditions or symptoms and offers relaxation. This therapeutic massage application of touch uses a range of movements and strokes upon the skin, muscles and joints and is based on Greek principles of healing. It has significant benefits for all the body’s essential systems.

  • 60 min €60

Apostolata Spa Journey in combination with 10’ hammam

Experience a traditional cleansing ritual which includes a scrub with natural salt with an organic therapy for the scalp and a balancing full body massage with essential oils. These pure and natural ingredients will leave you feeling like you are floating in the Mediterranean Sea… Combination with 10’ hamam

  • 90 min €80

We provide a complete hand, foot and nail Spa care for both men and women. Our services are accomplished with high quality products with the highest regard to cleanliness and sterilization.

L I’ T Y A Miji
Means “little fingers” Rescue tired, rough and parched hands with this intensive soothing and replenishing treatment for hands, nails and lower arms. It begins with a softening hand soak using a gorgeous array of Australian native flowers and fruits. You are then treated to a skin smoothing exfoliation before the application of a deep-nourishing mask using Tasmanian Kelp to leave your skin soft and hydrated. To complete the treatment, a Miji Kodo hand massage for lower arms and hands removes the last traces of stress!

  • 50 min €38

L I’ T Y A Miji Jina
Means “little footprint” Soak away tension and treat your feet to this wonderfully relaxing and grounding treatment. Begin with soaking your feet in Australian native flowers and fruits followed by an invigorating desert salt exfoliation to remove rough skin. Our warming Pepperberry Foot Mask is then applied to hydrate and soften the skin. Complete with a luxurious foot massage, this foot treatment will rejuvenate the entire body while melting away tension stored in your legs and feet.

  • 70 min €45

Reflexology Foot
Using ancient traditional Chinese medical techniques, reflexology works on the principle that all our organs are represented in the feet. By working on these points with acupressure, the therapist can help to rebalance the system and obtain harmony to body and mind.

  • 15 min €20

  • Spa Manicure €18
  • Spa Pedicure €20
  • Mani-Pedi Shape & Color Shellac €30
  • French or Shellac + €5


  • Eyebrows €15
  • Arms €20
  • Armpits €15
  • Bikini line €20
  • Half legs €25
  • Full legs €40

Apostolata Spa Etiquette



  • Sauna up to 30’ €20
  • Steam bath up to 30’ €20
  • Jacuzzi free

Special packages and Spa Parties are available. Please contact the Spa Manager for all details.

You are kindly requested to arrive at the spa area 10 minutes before your 1.
scheduled appointment, so there is enough preparation time, without less-ening the duration of your treatment.

Spa Opening hours: 10.00-20.00 2.
Öffnungszeiten des Spa: 10.00-20.00
Entrance is allowed for persons over 16 years old.
In case of a cancellation, please inform us at least 6 hours in advance.

With no prior notice, you will be charged with 50% penalty of the total cost of
your treatment. Delayed arrival might lessen your treatment time.

For hygiene purposes, you are required to shower before your treatment the Spa offers you bathrobes, towels and slippers wear, before every treatment.

You are kindly requested to keep valuable items always locked in your locker.

The Spa holds no responsibility for lost items.

On behalf of the hotel management and the Spa team, we would like to thank you for choosing Apostolata Resort & Spa for your holidays.